SPRING 2012 Networking Training Seminar

May 2 & 3, 2012
Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort
Utica, IL

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Day One Classes

Avaya – Next Generation Communications

Instructor: Avaya Representative

This session will discussion the explosion of how to integrate and deliver solutions for the ranges of communication devices, e.g. Smartphones, Tablets, Softphones, and traditional phones into enterprise communication systems. The session will also discuss the solutions the devices provide, and the challenges associated with integrating them. Attendees will come away from the session with a knowledge of available solutions and the collaborative benefits of them.


Customizing wireshark for network forensics

Instructor: Laura Chappell, Chappell University

In 2011, Wireshark was named the #1 network security tool in the SecTools security survey. See how Wireshark can be customized to quickly detect network scans and breached hosts. You'll learn the latest and greatest features as well as advanced techniques for traffic analysis and forensics. If you work on networks, you MUST watch for these signs and signals that there are problems skulking around on your network!


Data Protection and Security Strategies for 2012

Instructors: Brent Nohl, Symantec and Nathan Blauvelt, WTI Systems

This Session will be a technical review of new and revised data protection and security strategies.  Learn how to protect control and manage your network with intuitive security solutions. Included will be a discussion of how to implement a comprehensive, automated data protection and recovery solution for your critical systems.  IT compliance and business continuity solutions as well as how to protect your infrastructure, information, and interactions against a growing array of increasingly sophisticated threats. Security solutions for a number of business types, including government, education, healthcare and small and medium businesses.


HP Converged infrastructure: hp storage and networking

Instructors: Mike O'Connor, HP & Stu Click, HP

HP Converged Infrastructure solutions help you overcome the inflexibility and high costs created by IT sprawl to shift more sprawl to shift more resources to innovation and strategic initiatives. The HP approach and solutions have been Designed to help make the data center simpler, more flexible, more efficient and less expensive to operate. Only then is your IT infrastructure positioned to deliver any workload, anywhere, anytime to "accelerate time to application and business value."


ios Implementation in a school Setting

Instructors: Traci Grandgeorge, Marseilles Elementary School and Kirsten McLendon, LaSalle Elementary Schools

Panel Discussion on iOS implementation in a school setting. We have experience with mobile carts and 1:1 deployments for students and teachers. We hope to help others with what we have learned as well as learn from the group.


Managing Ipads in schools: how is everybody doing it?

Instructors: Teri Rossman

This session will discuss the various ways schools are managing iPads. Is there are “right” way to do it? How are schools downloading apps? How much work is really involved for technicians and for teachers? What is the impact of adding all of these devices on to the wireless network? This session will provide an overview and resources for those thinking about using iPads in schools.


Microsoft virtualization for vmware professionals

Instructors: Brian Lewis, Microsoft
This session will overview Hyper-v, VDI Infrastructure/architecture, virtualization architecture, high availability & clustering, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager with demonstrations of Hyper-V.


The Next version of Windows: an introduction

Instructors: Brian Lewis, Microsoft
Microsoft is developing a new Operating System that will eventually succeed Windows 7. Currently it is available in an early “Customer Preview”. Come find out what this “Customer Preview” has in it that may come to a PC near you after Windows 7.


Rethinking file sharing using novell filr

Instructors: Doc Hodges, Novell & Joe Marton, Novell
The file sharing experience hasn’t changed in 20 years, using mapped drives and shared folders. Novell® Filr is a new product that will redefine how users discover, access and share files in a more social way. This session will provide an overview of the architecture and a demo of some of the Filr components currently in development. This session is a must for anyone who's tired of hearing users ask for file access on their iPads.


top ten reason your network sucks

Instructors: Laura Chappell, Chappell University
Updated each year based on hundreds of network performance complaints, this session focuses in on the primary causes of poor network performance. From TCP handshake issues to asynchronous prioritization of traffic – Laura will use Wireshark to delve into the traffic patterns created by misbehaving devices and applications.


The seven deadly sins of backup and recovery

Instructors: Donja Dziak, Unitrends
This is an overview of the most common missteps that organizations make in setting up disaster recovery or business continuity plans. Avoiding a few common mistakes can help vastly improve the odds that an organization will successfully sidestep the worst possible outcomes from the inevitable failures that will occur in any IT department.


virtualization in the data center and the classroom: it still makes sense

Instructors: Scott Armstrong, Kishwaukee College & Dan Davis, Kishwaukee College
Now that virtualization both in the data center and the classroom is no longer cutting edge, does it still make sense? Did it live up to the hype? Has it made possible other beneficial services and features? Yes, yes and yes.


What's new in Groupwise 2012

Instructors: Doc Hodges, Novell & Joe Marton, Novell
As the first step in Novell's plan for more frequent (and customer-focused) releases, GroupWise 2012 is a product not to be missed. In addition to iPad support and a significant overhaul of the WebAccess interface, we've made several enhancements to the Windows client designed to boost end user productivity. Attend this session to see how it's easier than ever to modify or delegate an appointment, set a recurring appointment, share a folder tree, integrate with Novell Vibe and Skype, and much more.


What's new in Novell ZENworks Configuration management 11

Instructors: Doc Hodges, Novell & Joe Marton, Novell
Novell customers have used Novell ZENworks for many years to simplify their network management. In this session you'll see how the entire ZENworks family is easily managed with a single administration console and learn about new features such as location awareness and power management. Even more exciting, with the Support Pack 2 release you can now manage Macs the same way you manage PCs. See it live and learn more about how Novell ZENworks allows you to manage all facets of your network, regardless of the platform.


windows server "8" - An Introduction

Instructors: Brian Lewis, Microsoft
Windows Server® is the leading server operating system that powers many of the worlds' largest datacenters, enables small businesses around the world, and delivers value to organizations of all sizes in between. Building on this legacy, Windows Server "8" delivers hundreds of new features and enhancements for transforming virtualization and cloud computing to help you reduce IT costs and deliver more business value. Within Windows Server "8" you will find exciting innovations in areas of virtualization, networking, storage, user experience, and a transition to Windows PowerShell® to take scripting to a whole new level.


wireshark network analysis tips and tricks

Instructors: Laura Chappell, Chappell University
In this fast-paced session, Laura demonstrates some hot Wireshark tips and tricks to extract the most active hosts, identify malicious traffic, graph evidence of infrastructure issues, use Regex for pattern matching, and more. In this session Laura will use the latest version of Wireshark to annotate trace files (pcap-ng format) and use the new filter button feature!


Day Two Classes

Advanced Group Policy Workshop

Instructor:Jeremy Moskowitz,

Additional Course Information and Requirements

Course Fee: $200 (Please note that this fee is in addition to the IVNUA conference registration fee.)


Building your private cloud

Instructor: Kevin Remde, Microsoft
For a growing number of businesses, the journey to cloud computing starts with a private cloud implementation. A Microsoft private cloud dramatically changes the way your business produces and consumes IT services by creating a layer of abstraction over your pooled IT resources. This allows your datacenter to offer true infrastructure service capability as well as optimally managed application services. In this session you will be introduced to the new components of the System Center 2012 suite, and how they enable your private cloud. We’ll also discuss how the foundation of our platform, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V, support the cloud. And we’ll introduce you to some new and exciting capabilities of the next version currently codename “Windows Server 8”.


desktop virtualization round table

Instructor: Scott
Join a group discussion about desktop virtualization. Be prepared to share your experiences, knowledge and opinions with the panelists and course attendees.


Gearing Up for the future

Instructor: Kevin Remde, Microsoft
You may have heard Microsoft’s recent slogan: “Be What’s Next”. But sometimes in IT, for whatever the reason, it’s hard enough even just to be “what’s now” or “what’s current”. You’re running older versions of server operating systems and technologies you would like to replace, but maybe don’t know exactly how to make the move without causing one of the main things that keeps us up at night: service disruption. In this session we are going to introduce you to, and give you a chance to play with, the migration technologies that will help you transition to the most current versions of our solutions, and help you to take full advantage of Windows Server 2008 R2. Making the transition to the most current products isn’t always easy, but we have ways to help you get there and to get you ready for the future of I.T. and business productivity.


Help Desk Best Practices and Trends

Instructor: Gus Hytonen, GroupLink
Join GroupLink to learn help desk best practices, including a single point of contact, an easy end user experience, the need for a web-based solution, opening lines of communication (email integration), keeping end users in the loop,and more. By attending this session, you will also learn recent trends in help desk software including access via mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android), workflow management, asset management (ZENworks and internal asset management),ACL, 24x7 support, and more.


how I built my private Private Cloud

Instructor: Kevin Remde, Microsoft
Have you ever wanted to build your own test lab using cheap hardware and free software? Maybe you have a few old laptops or desktops gathering dust that you could put to good use. Did you know that those machines could easily be made into the nodes of a Windows Failover Cluster? Can you imagine installing the entire System Center 2012 suite and trying out the components using nothing but free downloads? In this session Kevin will show you how he built his home test lab using on 3 older laptops, USB-connected storage, his home network, and free evaluation software. We’ll start from base OS install all the way up to a shared storage, high-availability failover cluster, and it won’t cost you a penny. (And if you bring a laptop with 45GB of free space and capable of running Hyper-V, Kevin will even show you how to boot into a Windows Server without removing your existing OS!)


iBook authoring for Teachers

Instructor: Jerry Johansen, Rock Island Regional Office of Education
Description coming.


Infrastructure Consolidation, Business Continuity and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Instructor: Jeff Benjamin, EMC and Nathan Blauvelt, WTI Systems
Technical discussion on Infrastructure consolidation solutions which enable you to optimize your data center, maximize storage assets, improve efficiencies, increase service levels, and reduce costs utilizing  industry-leading technologies. Learn about deploying desktops faster and improve business continuity and disaster recovery while reducing capital and operating system costs through desktop and application virtualization. Migrate and upgrade operating systems and applications with less downtime, eliminate the need to recode, retest and recertify applications, and get more out of your existing desktop assets. In the education field on can Increase Teacher effectiveness, Student performance and Operational efficiency. In local government, improve citizen services while protecting the public, reducing costs, and increasing government agility.


Intrusion detection and network security situational awareness

Instructor: Loyal Moses, TacticalFlex
In this track we’ll discuss and demonstrate tools, techniques and theories to gain varying levels of increased network security insight with the ultimate goal being complete situational awareness.


Network Design and Implementation Considerations for WLAN, Mobile, Point to Point and Cellular Communications

Instructor: Jon Bachtold, Advanced Communications
We will discuss three main topics: Topic 1 WLAN: How to design, implement and secure your WLAN. How to handle Bring Your Own mobile Device. Choosing the correct WLAN vendor. Design by application vs financial feasibility and coverage vs utilization. Topic 2 Point to Point: Extending ICN fiber to your location, replacing a T-1, licenses vs unlicensed frequencies, avoiding lightning damage. When is it necessary to use PTP? Third topic Improving Cellular in your building. How to satisfy the need for public safety and user cellular service in your building for multiple


Penetration Testing tools with a live network host open for attack

Instructor: Loyal Moses, TacticalFlex
In this track we’ll be discussing and using the tools of the penetration testing trade with a live network host for track participants to attack. Additionally, we’ll be monitoring, discussing and reviewing attacks on our attack target.


Server virtualization round table

Instructor: Sid Haas, LKCS and Doc Hodges, Novell
Join a group discussion about server virtualization. Be prepared to share your experiences, knowledge and opinions with the panelists and course attendees.


Technology Adoption Life Cycle as it Applies to Virtualization

Instructor: Scott Armstrong, Kishwaukee College
Using the analogy of Geoffrey Moore's Technology Adoption Lifecycle ("Crossing the Chasm"), we'll share our challenges as we introduced virtualization in our data center and in the classrooms, how and why they differ, and what we would do differently if we were to introduce virtualization today.

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